ItaliaCasa's Real Estate specialists speak several languages,
including English, Italian, German and Dutch.

If you require further information about our products or services or if you want to discuss other issues please contact us by Phone or E-mail.

If you want to sell your Italian property, always use the form that can be found under this link. We kindly ask you to always use this form and not to call us or send any separate emails.

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P.O. Box 23
2060 AA Bloemendaal
The Netherlands


European Head Office: +31 71 3649732
UK: +44 84 33309553
Office Italy: +39 0332 1791448


ItaliaCasa BV
Chamber of Commerce 28101811
VAT NL 8134.82.379.B01

ItaliaCasa Srls
Numero REA MC - 193326
P. IVA 01927730430
FIAIP nr. 28627


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